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Come visit Dr. Douglas J. Mason at The Memory Doctor, LLC, where you will find a warm, caring environment and enjoy individualized care.   Dr. Mason offers a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation designed to objectively measure changes in memory and cognition as well as traditional psychotherapy. 
Neuropsychological Testing: Many people are unfamiliar with neuropsychological testing which essentially evaluates brain functionality as well as your emotional well-being.   An evaluation at our office includes an individual session with Dr. Mason who is a neuropsychologist dedicated to understanding your medical history combined with changes you have noticed in your thinking and/or memory.  With your permission, we include family members in this interview process who share their observations as well as relevant family medical history.  Non-invasive tests are administered to evaluate attention, cognitive processing, memory, verbal processing, visual-spatial functions, sensory perceptual and motor functions as well as intelligence and emotional functioning.  You will spend one-on-one time with a trained individual, responding to verbal and written tasks.  Results of this testing assist with identifying your strengths and weaknesses and the etiology of changes and recommendations for future treatment.  We help to differentiate Alzheimer's disease from other dementias and/or emotionally-based issues that present as memory loss.  Deficits may also be attributable to stroke, TBI, and/or medical or emotional manifestations.  We help identify the deficits and etiology in order to develop an effective treatment plan and strategies to improve the quality of your life.  Results will be provided to your medical team for assistance in managing your medical care.  You may choose to review the results with Dr. Mason and incorporate these results in your lifestyle and help your family meet your cognitive needs.  Our goal is to help you and your family understand changes in memory and thinking and help you obtain the best and most appropriate medical care. 

Please note that testing is individualized, so the length of the evaluation varies with each individual and his/her special needs, education, and the primary purpose of the evaluation. We accept most mainstream insurance plans.

Individual Psychotherapy:  Dr. Mason offers traditional psychotherapy to address anxiety, depression, adjustment-related issues as well as sequelae of stroke, head injury or other cognitive changes.  We look forward to participating in your cognitive and mental health!   


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